Before we are born into this physical experience, we choose our physical parents with one purpose: to serve us as teachers to not repeat their same “mistakes”. We choose them because they are the two people who can help us the most with our evolution.

After birth, we start forgetting the reason why we chose them. From pre-adolescence, we start demanding certain types of behaviors and attitudes from them that in most cases do not correspond to what they can offer us.

Heal your relationship with your physical parents

During this course, along with Anne:

  • You’ll remember why you chose these parents and not others.
  • You will stop feeling “alone” as you retrieve your relationship with your Universal Parents.
  • You will start to regain your true personality.
  • You will harmonize your relationship with your physical parents (even if they are already gone or have no relationship with them).
  • You will learn how to free yourself from guilt
  • You will be freed from the past! You will understand the importance of forgiveness (forgive is not to excuse the aggressor, but stop being at their mercy)