Author, Speaker and Life Trainer.

Anne has a single purpose in life: to awaken people to themselves and their own happiness

Early years

Anne was only six years old when she realized that she sees, feels and senses in a “different” way from the rest of us. The sadness caused  by the awareness of these limited visual and perceptual abilities in humans threw her into a deep silence about it, which lasted many years.


Throughout her youth Anne fought a great inner battle between dedicated her life to her authentic purpose and try to be “normal”.

Over the years she received a number of “notices” from her Being in the form of physical accidents (from which she has always recovered with astonishing ease and speed): a double vertebral fracture while horse riding, torn cruciate ligaments, loss of sight of the right eye, a mini-heart attack and finally the most serious of all: a stroke.

It was at this time that Anne agreed and finally decided to start working with the public.

The retreat

To prepare for this colossal work Anne retreats with her inner teachers for several years in various parts of the world.

Public stage

In 2004, Anne traveled to Spain with the intention of staying there a few weeks but the demand for their work was so great that she stayed there until early 2012.

During these years in Spain Anne wrote, recorder and got published the following works (in Spanish):
  • El Poder de la Alegría
  • Traspasa tus Límites ¡Atrévete a Ser feliz!
  • Sabiduría Universal
  • La Misión Arcoíris (children book)
  • Mensajes Poderosos (audio program)
  • Autoestima-te (audio program)
  • Atrae y disfruta compartiendo con tu pareja Ideal (audio program)
  • Relajación y Bienestar (audio program)
  • Salud Total (audio program)
  • ¡Éxito absoluto! (audio program)
  • Abundancia Económica Ya (audio program)
  • Afirmaciones Positivas para Niños Más Felices (audio program for children)

In 2012 Anne returns to her beloved French Riviera to write her Method (which will be released in spring 2016 in the USA), an activity that she combines with her workshops, seminars and conferences

In the winter of 2014 Anne has moved to the United States to expand her message and her work globally